Are One Bedroom Apartments In Tallahassee Florida A Good Idea?

If you ever have to spend time in the state capital of Florida for work or business, and that time is going to be longer than a month, then you might have to find a place to live while you are there. Short business trips of two weeks or less would often mean a stay in a hotel room or suite, and anything around a month or two might involve staying in an extended-stay facility of some kind. However, if you’re going to be there months on end, or especially if you’ll be spending many different periods of time there, then renting a home makes a lot of sense.

This is not uncommon given the city’s nature as the state capital. Representatives and elected legislators from all over the state spend time here when the body is in session, staying here rather than living back home closer to their districts or constituents. Along with legislators, there are also spouses, children, staffers, and quite a few others whose business with or functions within the state government would bring them here for frequent but short visits.

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Many part-time residents look over the available housing scene and wonder if one bedroom apartments in tallahassee are a good idea. Many government positions carry with them some kind of housing allowance, benefits package, or stipend. Given that these are government-issued, the sums and limits are often not high, so single bedroom units look appealing given their size.

In many apartment communities across the nation, it is true that one bedroom units have lower rents than two bedroom counterparts, but actually cost more per square foot. However, they certainly have their advantages. Not having to split a place with a roommate means total privacy and control over the space, and the smaller size of such units often means that the utility bills that come with them are also lower.

Government employees or public servants are far from the only ones that like one bedroom apartments in Tallahassee. A number of college students like them for having a quiet place to study on their own and have their own sleep schedule. Recently split up adults sometimes use them as a safe space to get back on their own, and people from out of town sometimes use them to spend a season in Florida, whether it’s to escape the dreadful winter back home or just be close to so many great beaches.