Why A Trip To Florida During The Summer Can Help You Relax

It is so important to choose a vacation wisely if you only get a couple weeks the year. One of the top choices for many people is going to the state of Florida. It is a location that you have probably experienced before, perhaps taking your kids to Orlando to see Disney World. However, there is so much more to this state other than amusement parks. This discuss some of the top activities that you can do once you get there for a summer vacation.

Coral Castle

Just south of Miami in the city of Homestead you can see the Coral Castle. It was made decades ago by a small man from Latvia that was able to construct it by himself. It is made of 1100 tons of coral, some of which was actually transferred from Florida City. If you get the time to go there, you will be amazed at the incredible achievement that this Latvian was able to create.

Bok Tower Gardens

Although this is a strange name, is definitely a place that is worthy of multiple visits. It’s a beautiful Karelian, one that is set atop iron Mountain, located south east of Lakeland. Regarded as a national historic landmark, it’s not only a garden but it bird sanctuary. Covering a total of 130 acres, you definitely should see this incredible place which is right in the center of Florida.

Neptune Memorial Reef

If you have always wanted to do snorkeling, and also visit Miami, this tourist attraction is very popular and will fulfill both of these objectives. It was once called the Atlantis Memorial Reef, it is located right off the coast on Key Biscayne, and it is something that you really need to see. It is a 16 acre site, made of concrete primarily, although there is steel and bronze. You will also get to see coral, fish, and many other things as you are under the water.

For those that go to Florida looking for adventure, these are just a few places you can go. There are literally things that you can do, and if you were to spend a year in Florida, you could not see them all. It’s one of the more unique states because of its climate, and the many of these that are available. These are just a couple to consider doing while you are spending a little time in the state of Florida, one that many consider to be the best in the continental US.